Tuesday, 26 July 2011

116th entry...

I have concluded the work for the exhibition ...found the title hard to get to grips with!
'Music of the Spheres' which has a lovely feel to it but does nothing for my artistic side...

'Music of the Spheres' 2011

I used on the watercolour quite a lot of the colour indigo, which I use regularly but not in such quantities.  It left small 'bits' or residue on the paper giving a grainy effect...which can be beneficial or if used too much can give the painting a slightly dirty look to it.  I have known about this effect but it is the first time it has shown quite so dramatically on my work  - but a good and interesting lesson to have experienced is it not...
So my next project must be Chapter 1 of 'THE BOOK'....my watercolours are evolving; I am understanding them more and more which is so exciting!

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