Tuesday, 7 December 2010

42nd entry.....Christmas cards nearly ready to go...phew!

painted, printed, cut, folded - just need to write in them, address and stamp the envelopes after I have found the box of envelopes in my art room! Finally pop them in the letter box, and get one of the others to deliver the local ones on foot. I don't do that bit.....
Went for a long walk in the forest this afternoon to warm myself up - got SO cold I had to put another layer of clothes on, that made 4 all in all.....walked about 3 miles loving the beautiful silver birch trees absolutely covered in frost even at 3.30 in the afternoon! Saw a bird the size of a magpie, but with rust colour on its body....what is it? Will have a look through our bird books.
Have added my 'Chinese Whisper' painting that I handed in to the Sarum Artist group yesterday - we each started with a favourite painting - for me it was one of  Amedeo Modigliani, 18841920, Female Nude (c1916).
I did a transcript of it, then passed my version on and picked someone else's etc etc...so this is a transcript by me from one of my fellow artists. 

Jigsaw series - Paul Signac 'The Red Bouy, St Tropez' 1895

This is a copy of the original work.

I hope that you enjoy this ....am off to sit in front of the TV awaiting my little man to skype us...how exciting is that!

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