Thursday, 16 December 2010

49th entry...and what a momentous day it is...

'Why?' you ask...'what do you mean why!!!! '....it is my beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, lovely sons 20th birthday this very day!!!!!!!
Should have started my story after Christmas - might copy and paste the first part after January 1st.  I seem to have so much to do...who hasn't!

Met a lady today, at work, who is a very remarkable and beautiful lady! ... She kissed my hand which brought tears to my eyes! I feel very humbled and shall cherish the connection between two people!!!

Final shop, I hope, tomorrow - might go park and ride rather than park and drive - home!!!! Shall have to sit with all the 'bobbly' people though - shall put my trance face on and live another world...my saviour!
So did you like the card of the cyclists that I did for my boy? Tee! hee! he said it was his and I was not allowed to scan it...but I never did do as I was told!!!
Off to see and listen to the Christmas songs on the tv...awaiting half of my babies coming home the morro....

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