Tuesday, 31 May 2011

104th entry....losing the plot!

Not sure where I am going at the moment...feel very stagnant with my art!
Art classes ok!
Booklet is not yet moving!
Commissions - need to be contacted!
Diary - ongoing and helps me put my thoughts out there...
Exhibitions x 2...have got the subject matter; need to  start drawing!!!!
Submissions I need a new idea for a fresh series - last one 'Walking the Dogs'
All in all feel a bit low at the moment, so I am waiting for the path to turn in my favour...
Do I sound sorry for myself?
Jigsaw series - Paul's house! 2011
Anyhow this is the painting I did for my friend Paul - he said that he loved it...

Thursday, 26 May 2011

103rd entry...

This is the birthday card I painted for my boy yesterday!
Jigsaw series - Red Kite 2011
It is watercolour and then pen .... I am spending a lot of time studying watercolour technique; to try and get more depth in my work!
It is raining outside, and quite a miserable windy day all in all!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

102nd entry...life is so racy!

So, I sit after my art class and list what I need to do next...
Birthday card done - write ups for the session to do, then onwards to the exhibitions!  Should I do pastels (for a change) or watercolours?!!
I feel all churned up inside with love for my girlie - protective...How I wish I could help her more - I love them SO much; my two boys and girl....

Friday, 20 May 2011

101th entry...


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

100th entry.................how bloomin' fantastic is that!!!!!!

So here are two of the watercolour that I promised you yesterday!
Jigsaw series - our village hall!

Jigsaw series - A local walk to bluebell wood!

There they are, and now I have to race off to cook sups.....................speak soon!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

99th entry....

Ooooooooooh! we have drizzle here...
Art class went very well today! All attended...
Been working hard sorting out my next class, and now my Tabletop for Saturday!
Am doing some small watercolours, of local village scenes, to sell.
Practicing my 'wet-on-wet' and learning loads.....
however supper calls, so off I go to do some cooking in the kitchen - rice with bits, I think, my boy love that dish!
Will put some paintings on to view - hopefully tomorrow!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

98th entry...

The day moves on
The night draws near
My loved ones oh! so far I fear...
Dotted around all UK
I wish that they were here to day!
My heart is full; I love them so
I never want to let them go...
Mums said they are to you on loan
But oh!  to have them close to home!!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

97th entry...Morning all artists out there!!!!

Here is the card that I did of a boat in Fowey on our hols this Easter...
Jigsaw design - Fowey River 2011

So onwards to meet my lovely Dads for lunch - I am going to end up a fat biff if I am not careful....

Friday, 6 May 2011

96th entry....and I am on the move...

I have finished my commission - eventually!  Why do some people leave things until the very last, making them squirm when it would be so much nicer to get it done straight away....I have made my own Link-in group called
Southern Artists UK
Join my forum and let's help each other get out into the big wide world....in all honesty I haven't really a clue what I'm about but hey!!!!!

Then the special news of the day is.......
after all my effort at submitting my 'Jigsaw design' I have finally done it!  What you ask impatiently....
a card company has accepted my artwork...my 'walking the dogs' actually...
HOW FAB IS THAT...............IT CAN WORK!!!!
I shall be famous one day...!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

95th entry

This is the May flower with more maybe to come...
pJigsaw series - Honeysuckle 2011
17th century diarist Samuel Pepys called it 'the trumpet flower' whose bugles 'blow scent instead of sound'...also called woodbine.
The romantic associations were that if honeysuckle is brought into the house, a wedding will follow, and that its flower when placed in a girl's bedroom will bring her dreams of love...
Reader's Digest
How romantic is that!
So I wish you good morning, and will update you on my progress of my wet-on-wet soon....time seems to slip through my fingers - aaaaah!

Monday, 2 May 2011

94th entry...

So April the 11th is the last time that I wrote in my diary....what have I done - well I have been on hols since then and had the pleasure of kids company which if you are in my boat, you will understand how time consuming that can be!
So now we are in May and I need to do my favourite wild flower....meanwhile it is 8.20 in the evening and I am off to have my shower.
Lovely to be back in touch though!  I shall put my few hols art on show later!

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