Saturday, 27 February 2016

210 entry....

Couple of oil paintings completed working on my limited colour palette. Now to be framed and one sold already!

     Oil on canvas with limited palette.  'Relaxing over coffee.' 2016  

Thursday, 25 February 2016

209 entry

As promised, a walk around the circuit stopping to sit in the middle of a muddy Purlieu, on a log. 
Cycling watercolours and sketchbook out - yum!
This is my view..

PS Clocked 10,000 today on my flex! "Yarooh" said Bunter! 

Monday, 15 February 2016

208 entry....

And now we are speeding through 2016 frighteningly fast...

A birthday card for a very lovely lady! This is her riding the horse. Very proud!

A birthday card for my beautiful girlie!

This painting was achieved using a limited palette of cerulean blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber and titian white waterbased oils. I only wanted to achieve the feeling of the moment with the couple and so stopped at the detail.
Have I succeeded - yes I feel happy with the result.
Why do I like it..
I enjoy the gentle colours.  The connection between the couple is apparent and I can feel them talking with each other.
What could be developed...
Detail - as in the hands could be improved and maybe one more pigment added.. but which one, is what I shall think on - warm I think!

207 entry...

...and commissions for Christmas were good!
I do love this one - good movement!

This one was difficult as the colour was hard to obtain!

He was holding a stick in his mouth that I had to remove.

All were loved on receiving....

206 entry

A few things that happened nearer the end of 2015...

I went and had my burst appendix removed...the staff and family were wonderful..

My books are selling nicely!
I have both for sale in Rum's Eg in Romsey.
Do visit the Gallery - to is a fabulous place and lovely food too!

Every month on a Wednesday - at Hale Village Hall - is a coffee morning for anyone wanting a social chat. I go with next door(s) when I am free. it is a lovely way to meet the locals...

A visit to my girlies gave me an opportunity to do this little watercolour, from wild flowers growing on a roundabout...!

Someone had a special belated 60th birthday present to Florence. 
Tick that off my Bucket list! 
It was absolutely fabulous and with my boy!

We decided to have a patio built...roll on the spring to see the developments. This was my plan design  - two options!

A trip to London with my guys and my oldest friend!

So...we were invited to my beautiful niece's wedding. This was my response with the food..

.and this is the fabulous couple on THE day..I had an absolute ball!

And a magical man reached 90 on valentine's day!

205 entry

En Plein air for my art class...in The New Forest! Castle hill looking down on the River Avon and Breamore.

and this is the views!
What a lovely class and we met another artist!

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