Monday, 28 February 2011

83rd entry...

Cold today...and my shoulders ache from being on the laptop!!! Am sorting my mind out as to where I am going with my art...bit of a low spot! We all get them..... Have done a 'spider diagram' to see it in a visual format.  My pastels confuse me most - I know that with some  of them I have captured a lovely atmosphere but I think my problem is which subject matter to focus on!
As to my watercolours - I would love to illustrate something using my ability at doing quick fresh 'cartoons' that portray life and its pleasures for people! - A bit like my cards that I do for the family....
I am in the process of doing a commission of dogs and a horse...which I am enjoying - watercolour and charcoal!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

82nd entry...

Having a go at pastels today - pencils to be precise! Actually though and I hate to say it, but I miss my watercolours lots....!
Anyhow here we are...any comments!
Jigsaw pastel - 'By the sea...' 2011

'Shopping!' 2011 
'St Ives' 2011

I have to say that I stink at 'colours' when doing my pastels...it is SO frustrating...
I would suggest the first one inspires me most...I am good at my 'cartoon' people! I shall do some 'Moments in time' ones in my lovely watercolours - sod the pastels for now - until the Spring may be...
Onwards to 'Hommity pies' for supper!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

81st entry...

Been working hard all day...like most people in this life...
This is what I achieved for my 'jigsaw series'
Jigsaw series - Spring Anemones 2011
Did this for my niece for her birthday - as it is nice to receive a card on that special day is it not...!!!! 
I think that it is the ability to think of others rather than be wrapped up in your own life that makes the world go around!!!!!!
Regarding my art...bit lost today!  Must develop my jigsaw - I know I keep saying that. I have, however,  picked out a colour palette of pastel pencils that correspond to my watercolours. The other thing that I must do is read an earlier diary entry and see what I written there re: my art progress, which may refresh my mind!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

80th entry...and the house is full of daffodils....!!!

It is  February 19th, and 28 years ago today that my beautiful boy and I were married...
Poems and 'home-made' cards have been shared, and little presents ...

Snowdrops from my boy....2011

Jigsaw series - 'Reflections in the pebbles'... 2011
Supper at home - just the two of us...and a quality bottle of wine!  What more could you ask for!!!
Thank you my lovely, lovely boy for 28 fabulous years together; may we have zillions more!!! xxx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

79th entry...and how remiss am I...

I have been doing 'wild flowers' in my Jigsaw design, but with ink rather than charcoal - not delicate enough!
Jigsaw series - 'Hoary Plantation' 2011 
Jigsaw series - Shepherd's purse 2011

Jigsaw series - 'Bladder Campion - White bottle' 2011

Jigsaw series - 'Garlic Mustard - Jack-by-the-Hedge' 2011

Jigsaw series - 'Umberalla Stitchwort' 2011
I sit in the evening and sketch them; finding this very relaxing, and paint them in the day when the light is good...using pen rather than charcoal, as charcoal is not fine enough, for the 'outline'!
A lovely past-time....apologies for the poor scanning, and colour quality...there are more on my website - http://www.sarahorchardfinearts.co.uk/index.html   > Card/Illustration design > Jigsaw series... do look and send me comments!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

78th entry...

First flower of spring... The snowdrop...
Jigsaw series - February snowdrop 2011
The snowdrop provides an early feast for bees. In the past they were also known as 'The fair-maid of February'. An old custom connected with the 'Feast of Purification of St Mary' celebrated on the 2nd February. Village maidens would gather bunches of snowdrops and wear them as a symbol of purity.
Generic name - 'Galanthus' derived from the two Greek words meaning 'milk' and 'flower'.
...Extract from Reader's Digest Wild flower's of Britain.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

77th entry...

...and my 2nd 'Art Together....' Absolutely fabulous...I have come away from it feeling SO excited about the people; how I can work with them, and just loved it...! What more can I say! I think my problem last week was a fear of rejection...nobody wanting to come to my class - which is very sad I know but that is me...such a sensitive little flower : >
Have come home: done my write up and logging for the class, and sorted out my research for sketching my final run of February cards for people. Surveys and submitting work shall have to wait until tomorrow. I am now off to cook liver and bacon...Story...? am not sure, may revamp it to 'flowers through the seasons' - I smile when I write this as I love my wild flowers...

Monday, 7 February 2011

76th entry...

This is a transcript of a pastel, in pastel crayons, by Diana Armfield.
It is pretty poor, but I had promised myself.....I shall next try to do a pastel of my own in a similar way, and see if this will be more acceptable...!
A pretty poor transcript...
but I can now work on achieving a more personal style of my own....
Why is it poor? - nothing personal about it...no atmosphere...boring really!

Friday, 4 February 2011

75th entry...

I have just received my 'Artist' magazine and what excitement...beautiful pastels on the front cover...!  I can't wait to read it....
 I have added a card that I did for my boy - not a very good reproduction, but I like the movement of the wings!
Card for my boy...Jigsaw style! 2011
How windy it is outside, and my father has not returned my call - slightly worrying!
So I sit here and will get my paints out and try a pastel pencil transcript...
watch this space!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

74th entry...

Life has been very hectic at present.  Had my first 'Art Together...' class today...confused by my feelings about it!  Was excited and positive before hand - did a structured session, all went well and yet I worry about them coming back next week!  Perhaps this is worse than getting it together and doing the first one - wondering if they really will return.  I do hope so...

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