Sunday, 6 January 2019

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Happy New Year for 2019 to you all.

And thank you to all who view my blog. I feel very humbled!

My new book is out and called 'Phillip the Pheasant'.
The story was written by Julie Hanson and I did the illustrations - (on my iPad)

I am deeply into my Daniel Smiths watercolours. They are divine to use!!
I have been trying my new colour palette - did I say that I received my specially palette from 'The Little Brass Box Company'. I am SO spoilt but it is gorgeous - and have spent hours; weeks; months in ecstasy playing, making colour swatches to find my own palette colours.... sorting out which pigments to put in the pans. 
I used roses as a way to get the pigments to flow into one another and see how the paints work. Thus why there are quite a few 'studies' below. 

 Study: 1

 Study: 2

 Study: 3
Study: 4

The problem I have now is that I love my Daniel Smith watercolours so much that my illustrative style, using pen or charcoal as an outline doesn't balance. It is like wearing a silk skirt and woollen jumper. They can look good but the wool overpowers the softness of the silk...
I used to use minimal watercolours and focus on the pen or charcoal.
I am working on it to get the balance right; frustrating but very exciting!

Durham Cathedral

This, above, is an old acrylic painting of Durham Cathedral that I did for my lovely son when he was there at University.
I love my people in it but have left acrylics and moved on to watercolours in a big way!
Still pleased with it though!
 Study: 5
Study: 7

 These, below, are my most favoured wild flowers in a year. It was some homework for our '3 Girls Debate'. Great fun!

Watercolour & Charcoal
I love seeing these out in April. It shows - for me - that Spring is on its way. Look at the flowers closely and you will find that they are so delicate and delightful!

Watercolour & Charcoal
This is beautiful and out in June-July were you will see it festooned in the hedgerows.
It just makes me smile...

Watercolour & Charcoal

We have all read Beatrix Potter. This wildflower is in 'Jemima Puddleduck and the Foxy Gentleman'
It takes me back to my childhood.
Drive though The New Forest in June - August and you will see them looking beautiful in their clusters.

These last two are me getting my act together and paintbrush in hand. 
I am working on my style and have nearly stopped pretending that 'people' is my skill. 
So I 'do' it!

Actually I really enjoy both studies... so what does that say!

That is it for now but I shall be back with more of my 'Sarah Orchard' Style.

I have built a second website, as my old Website - still available -  sarahorchardfineart.co.uk is an all rounder of my work.
My new website - sarahorchardart.com specialises in my watercolour & pen or charcoal.
Do visit it and see what you think.

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