Friday, 30 December 2011

161st entry...Welcome back to you all!

Back in action and here is the acrylic that I painted for my son...
Matthew's Durham - 2011

I enjoy the people and the fact that my use of watercolour has come into play with the people! Marks that make a whole...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

160th entry...

Christmas is looming
My head in a twirl...
So much to achieve
For my boys and my girl!
Art work not posted
For all to see
Until the recipient
Exclaims with glee...
So next year when settled
And the world is on 'go'
Shall I show the results
Then I happily will show...

Have a splendid few days
Share, love and be kind
Until then my viewers
I shall keep you in mind!

Merry Christmas...

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

159th entry...apologies!

I am working on various things as I have completed my exhibition pieces...the problem is that I am unable to show them until they have been passed on to the relevant person./people...

Diamond Wedding Anniversary...60 years together! 2011
This is a card that ,I painted in watercolour and pen, for a very special couple...I used the internet for the diamond image, and their invitation card for the figures! The result is pleasing for artist and others...
The Orchard Christmas card design 2011 is completed and awaits printing! 
How windy it has been today...made me think of 'Winnie  the Pooh' as we were walking on the Forest this afternoon!

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