Saturday, 10 September 2016

217 entry

To date this is an update....sort of...

So this is my logo...and me!

and this is on a walk with my lovely, fabulous and beautiful neighbours...

Well... these are awful photos but I love achieving this style and in real life they are free and fresh - I did four small one from my initial inspiration courtesy of my beautiful girlie..

Nos 1

Nos 2

Nos 3

Nos 4

...then this one was for my oldest girlfriend of 50 years ... Achieved in a similar style.

Oh! and this is me and my boy in Florence. The Duomo , achieved in acrylics - long story about passing through customs though....

An odd birthday present for a lovely neighbour! He loves  Salvador Dali - yuck! Anyhow so I personalised it....

This is a painting for my girl, achieved in water based oils! Still in the wrapper .... (no comment!)

....and this is my girlie achieved in pastel - now sold - love it!

....and this one - (oils) my beautiful, beautiful girlie!

So....if you remember the last batch of wild flowers watercolour and pen, then this is the initial one!
A collection of photos taken at a roundabout in Yeovil.

Then we went to Goodwood with my beautiful, gorgeous son and his magic lady for my lovely boys 60th birthday! Fabulous day - beautiful weather - great experience!

This Is an oil painting of New Forest pony and foal....

and a greyhound...I do enjoy my oils but my watercolour and pen are my forte...

We were invited to a 70th birthday party and I danced and danced and danced to my sort of music!
What an evening....

So endeth the collection - achieved over about 4 months .... Apologies for being so lazy in putting them on my blog..
Oh! and one last thing - I did win a 'inspirational watercolour' trophy - I am very proud....so are my guys!

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Art has always been an integral part of my life. At the age of 50 I was able to complete a long awaited foundation course and HNC/HND. From this experience I have developed my love of pastel and watercolour. Rubens has always inspired me with his fluidity of movement; Degas and Lautrec I admire with their rough marks and blends of colour,their freshness of approach. I feel I have been given a talent for a reason and gradually the purpose shall unfold... sarah.orchard54@hotmail.co.uk Note: Images are Copyright Sarah Orchard © 2009