Friday, 19 May 2017

223 entry

It has been a while but here is my recent updates of cards, travel sketches and a painting trip to Venice!

This is my lovely neighbour whose birthday it was ... practicing her moves! 

It was our 37th 'Meets' Anniversary and my card to my boy depicts our years together...

This actually was a commission. It was very much appreciated!

On to Travel sketches or 'A moment in time...'
My lovely son and his lady!

This is achieved on my iPhone....Us sitting having fun in Cornwall. A very special place and time!

A view from the beach... towards Mevagissey we walk!

On my phone - me in bed - alone!!!!! Long story! 

Phone again and another view of the cliffs towards Mevagissey!

Son and daughters boyfriend having a chat....

The church at the Salisbury Hockey Club by Skew Bridge. 

This was a quick demonstration for my watercolour class to show them how to use the paint more wet on wet! A bit dark on the middle boat...

I have been very spoilt having been to New York as I had the opportunity to go on a painting holiday in Venice for a week. the sketches are not particularly great but I was trying different media mixes!

From my phone - a rather vibrant rendition of Venice...

This is in my moleskin sketch pad (A5) Not too keen but enjoyed by others.
funny lot us Artists. Never satisfied!

On the island of Torchello about 45 minutes boat ride from the main part of Venice. 
Practicing my people....

A watercolour of the view on the opposite bank on the Canal. 
Canalletto  depicted Venice exactly as you see it. 
It was a wondrous place!!!

Some of the Artists concentrating...

St Marks Square was fabulous. Such beautiful architecture!

Watercolour pencil with a bit of spittle... but fun!

Pencil and watercolour.

This fabulous watercolour was achieved by a guy called Nicola Tenderini.
I have used the internet to get a stencil of his work as I wished to try his colour palette! 

This is my trial. It was great fun and a good learning curve!

There you have it! I hope you enjoy the collection. Do correspond if you wish to comment!

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