Thursday, 30 June 2011

110th entry...and more in control!

day 2 - night sketching!
This was done very quickly - of my mug of green tea.... Sat down late so not much time!
Feel better that I have done x2 pencil sketches not jigsaw.  Puts it into perspective for me!....hopefully this will help!
Onwards to lunch - a hungry girl!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

109th entry - part 2.....

Quick charcoal...June 2011
Have quickly done this - ( on a watercolour board that I was using to test my colours)....just to see if I can draw still, and it has made me feel a little better!  
I should maybe - not maybe - will sketch, in the evening ...say in graphite this week and change next week to..maybe pen....
My incentive.... to post it (aaaaah!) daily - but do bare with me as some days are a bit manic!!!
Let us see if this makes me feel more positive!
Now to eat some super with my lovely son!

109th entry...I AM SO LOST......

I cannot seem to get my inspiration going...
Don't ask me what is wrong as I can't seem to analyse it my self!
This is my market painting.
Jigsaw design - Hale Food Market 2011 
I need to just do a bit of sketching as I love pencil work...that should do the trick!
Give me a few days and hopefully I shall be back in the swing..!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

108th entry....

Just thought that you all should know that I am back on track....
A little blip with getting too involved in an artist - who does fantastic watercolours don't get me wrong - and, I think, trying to copy her style rather than recognise that we all have our own way of painting and should - and I have - just use her techniques to develop my style....
I wrote earlier " Stick to who you are - use other people's style to integrate with your own...
Do lots of quick people in ?watercolour and pen? or ?pencil sketch watercolour and pen?
Utilise the fact that you enjoy and do well the drawing aspect of your work...and work on being free with the paint with the pen/charcoal to define the picture"
Does this make sense?

Monday, 27 June 2011

107th entry...muggy weather!

Hale Market - inside... -2011

This is my first of a series of Hale Food Market...Getting a bit lost on what my style should be, so it would be good for some feed-back from you lot out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

106th entry...

Not my best week - on antibiotics x 2 then a bug knocked me out for two day... so 'back on the road again' as the song says!
Trying to improve my skills with my watercolours...more theory read than actual practice done - typical me, but it is very very useful!   Hazel Soan is fabulous at watercolours and her new book 'The essence of Watercolour' is an absolute dream of a book~!!!!
So I am plodding on - remembering that it was only this time last year that I was working at 'School' ugh!!!!! from Mon - Thurs and that only one year on I have two art classes up and running (all be it that I have very few people!) a monthly stall selling my art (cards) I have had a commission for pets which is to be advertised in the local journal to get more response. I have had a submission of my work accepted for cards - am on going though slow, still VERY keen on doing a book with my next door neighbour something like 'A week in the Forest' and we have started the ball rolling...and there are two exhibitions coming up - one at Langford Lakes and the other at the Salisbury library!!!!
So I am getting there - where ever that may be - recognition!!!!
It just is not a 'running job' more of a walking on ice where you step forwards then slip back abit then forwards etc...get my gist!!!!
So there we have it - life is a twisting road and that is what make it what it is.....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

105th entry.....

getting things together...am working on my 2 exhibitions...have got my art classes up and running! Booklet - I need to work on our booklet....
Here is my flower for June....the beautiful dog-rose.....
Symbol of the British Monarchy...16Century /herbalist Gerard, gave it 'the most principal place among all flowers whatsoever' should be called 'Dog' suggesting of 'no worth'
ancient Greeks called it the wild dog rose as they believed it could cure a man bitten by a mad dog...
A vigorous climber!
Jigsaw series  - 'Dog-rose'
PP Reader's Digest 
So there you have it...next job - lunch then sort out payment for the use of the halls for my classes!

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