Saturday, 26 October 2019

230 entry

We are now into October 2019 and Autumn upon us...
I am focusing more on my 'people' as, at the end of the day that is what I enjoy doing...
so here goes for the last eight months.
A random selection but I shall explain for each.

 Never approved of willow charcoal but this is what I used for this tonal sketch. 
Never say never...

 St Ives on the beach. We spent our holiday staying in a little cottage. 
St Ives is a delight. many crab sandwiches eaten...

 A walk over the fields to find the costal path. when found - wow how beautiful!

 Flower (Exbury)

 Exbury Gardens with next doors 
 Tutoring in Lymington where they all sail...

 Study of People.

 Not so good but I am happy to show...

 A couple of views (above and below) of St Ives beach from the coastal path.

St Ives - 2019


 I really enjoy this sketch. watercolour with charcoal paint as mark

A commission.  He is down on his knee proposing...


 The three above are done at a botanical weekend at West Dean.
It was a lovely relaxing way to paint. 'Mindful' but I prefer my 'frantic' style...

 People - not bad..
People .. ok

 Above is a selection of my people. Done with a mixture of watercolour and pen.

 We went on a 'butterfly' walk. It was wonderful.

Went to a workshop. The paintings are of Bolderwood in The New Forest.

 My boy sitting in the sun...

 A flower by any other name..

 More Lymington boats for the Red Dog Gallery. Sadly no sales..

Four of us went to London but not to see the Queen...!
Saw the Summer Exhibition. We all agreed that it was VERY disappointing.
Next visit is to see the Christmas lights and the Courtauld Gallery which sounds much more exciting...

Above: I did a couple of fountain pen sketches for Inktober but that is as far as I got.

These are my latest trials. I quite like the simplicity.
I treated myself to a 'fude' nib fountain pen. An interesting experience as I 
thought that fountain pens all made one mark unless a broad nib which I do not enjoy.
This pen has many thickness of lines.

 I am so fixated by my watercolours and pen or charcoal but I do question to what purpose I paint.
My lovely husband says it is for me...so I move forward. 
I have two or three more books in my head - one being 'The New Forest'.
A book for tourists visiting; giving them an insight into this precious place that I am honoured to live in.

There we have it!

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