Sunday, 20 March 2011

89th entry....

The girl is on a roll...this is what I did in my sketchbook yesterday - en plein air - on my village green!
I used straight watercolour wash with pen over the top - no pencil sketching - to stop me from getting too tight!
I am SO stuck on my colour pallett at the moment - can anyone help?
Ponies on the green...March 2011
'Pony munching grass - on the green' March 2011
'On the green' March 2011
The first one of the three, I actually did last, by which time the sun had gone down and my muscles were starting to shake!
Quickly done outside - I quite like them - my girlie is not so keen...
What do you think?
Isn't the sunshine magic today!

Friday, 18 March 2011

88th entry...

This, I did yesterday with a dog as well, but that is a surprise for a lovely lady...so you shall have to wait for it!
Jigsaw series - Interpretation...2011

Onwards to printing out some cards for my 'Table-top' tomorrow.  My lovely boy is going to man it as I have to work!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

87th entry...

Not very consistent with my diary am I...never mind!
This is what I have done so far to submit to the card companies - 'Walking the dog'

'Walking the dog'  1 - 2011
'Walking the dog' 2 - 2011
'Walking the dog' 3 - 2011
'Walking the dog'  4 - 2011
'Walking the dog' 5 - 2011

'Walking the dog' 6 - 2011

Would you buy one of these as a card...?
If so which one?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

86th entry...

March and the 'wood Anemone' is out...

Wood Anemone

Walking in the woods in Spring, one  may be rewarded by the sight of the delicate flowers nodding gently in the breeze.
The other name is 'wind flower' so called, according to the Greek writer ' 'Pliny', because the flowers will not open until the wind blows.
Also known as the 'smell  foxes' as the smell is not as attractive as their appearance!

and guess who went horse riding today!!! Me.... and although I was particularly pathetic, I am going again, and again...we went along the road and then into some woods.  It was magic!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

85th entry...

Better day today! Got a different anti-virus on my laptop and I shall do it every bloomin' day...and back up my pics/docs weekly!
Jigsaw series - Keira the Dog! 2011

Jigsaw series - Tikka the Dog 2011

Jigsaw series - Bertie the horse 2011
These are to be framed for a commission....

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

84th entry...

So.... I have lost  my 'My pictures' on my laptop, which holds all my artwork and photos...I have got a back up on memory stick which has most of my work on it, but I'll have to sort through and find the others! I had it written in my note book to do it for a good couple of weeks so that will teach me....
Oh! my...
So people out there... if you exist....remember to back up your work regularly!...

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