Thursday, 23 November 2017

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Life speeds along with watercolour and art becoming more and more apart of me and who I am.
I think, eat and breath it!
I love the word 'watercolour' in print; a half pan sitting on the kitchen table makes me 'fizz'; the way my loaded brush connects with the paper; watching the pigments travel into one another....

But my intensity of love that I have for these gems and the constant exploring into their 'lives' has brought me confusion within my approach. No longer do I desire to use marks over them with a black line - the watercolour journey is exciting enough or is it??? Thus I 'play' - no studious paintings...."but it is good to play" they say...or is it? A balance is desired!

Pigments - a confusion; such a plethora of colours and all so beautiful - which to choose for my palette that is constantly changing (except for the treasures)!

August 2017 - out in The New Forest

Both above and below were ideas for a @Rum's Eg Christmas card competition. 

Sadly not used but appreciated!

Holiday for two - St Mawes

Practice for my next book - The New Forest

We would pop over on the little boat for breakfast, a wander then a crab sandwich for lunch.
Lovely memories!

Artlook exhibition work for @Hilliers, Hampshire open Studio.

 'Around Britain' - Engraved watercolour 

 'Courgette Flower' - Engraved watercolour

Fordingbridge Art Club - Hampshire Open Studio
'Wild Flower' - watercolour and charcoal

Commission - much appreciated. 
I loved doing this as the photo was so full of movement!  

Fordingbridge Art Club - Hampshire Open Studio
'Berries' - watercolour and charcoal

 Playing in my sketch book
Watercolour and rotring pen.
I find the line of these pens too constant. Not enough variation in line!


 Holidays with another visit to St Mawes
Engraved watercolour
'Man and his dog'

Artlook exhibition work for @Hilliers, Hampshire open Studio.
'Teasel' - Engraved watercolour

Artlook exhibition work for @Hilliers, Hampshire open Studio.'
Thinking' - Engraved watercolour

 Artlook exhibition work for @Hilliers, Hampshire open Studio.
'On the Water' Hurst Castle Hampshire
Watercolour and charcoal

Fordingbridge Art Club - Hampshire Open Studio
Engraved watercolour

 Travelling to London to visit our lovely son.
This is one of my 'moment in time' watercolour and pen.
moleskin sketchbook and cycling watercolour kit!

Playing with new paper.. A scene of New York

 I bought these paint to try out. They are lovely, in that the size of the pans are huge and so cater for a nice big loaded watercolour brush. The consistancy of the paint is excellent!
 The negative side is that they do a very limited range of colours. Worth trying!

Beautiful soup @rumseg 
Do visit! - in Romsey Hampshire  

 Playing with my watercolours at Coach House Studio for Hampshire open Studio.
Funnily enough I sold it!

 More playing with my watercolours at Coach House Studio for Hampshire open Studio.
I love hogweed. so hard to paint though...

 Playing at abstract....watercolour and variety of ink pens.

 Again - trying out my watercolours so playing!!!!

I was given some new watercolour tubes for my birthday!
Exciting but confusing...
Losing the ability to add pen!!!!!!

A trial at using acrylics from warm to cool...on board!
never was a bright coloured person but actually thoroughly enjoyed doing this!

 I was invited to do a watercolour and charcoal demonstration. Have you ever tried to explain 'what and why' when you are painting?
Think about explaining when driving why and what for... 
I enjoyed doing it although stressful and have accepted another in 2019.

A card for a friend!

 I drove this road over twenty-seven years ago with our one year old daughter. 
We were just moving to Hampshire from London.
I have always loved the view!!!!

 Birdwatching with my boy!

 Teasel in watercolour
'A Tunnel of Trees' - Watercolours and Charcoal

There we have it... I have uploaded all my work to date!

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