Tuesday, 30 November 2010

35th entry..what happened to my snow!!!!

So much for the weather forecast..what a load of baloney...!
Today I have mostly been going from here to all over the Salisbury area.  New back windscreen wiper is in place - thank goodness!.  Broken glass from my exhibition watercolour frame has been renewed. Visit to the hospital to see an old, old friend and our next door neighbour completed and enjoyed.  Looking ok!!!!!
Car engine light sorted, and bill paid...Confess to have listened to Christmas songs all the way around - remind me to get the decent ones out of the loft  (have a tape from about 30 years ago with fab music on)
We are now at the stage of closing curtains, supper and maybe light a fire! It has been quite warm however, so we may save the log...!
No artwork achieved; no communication from the outside world wanting my work, so I shall close down feeling a bit low in spirit ...
- to feel renewed tomorrow!!!!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

34th entry...how many more layers can I get on....

Have framed my yesterdays selection and they look good! Ready and waiting for the exhibition...what to charge!?!
Cold, cold, cold only 0c but it seems like -4c, the air is SO cold....
Hope that all the people that I visit are ok and warm!
Done the Tesco shop, and yes! it is Monday..ha! ha! Really I'm just about ready for Christmas!
Wednesday - 1st December - and then I can start to count down the day until I have ALL my family together...
Meanwhile my lovely boy has been in cold, cold London all day and so I shall now cook a nice supper with a cup of tea ready for when he gets back...
Talk again tomorrow! Thanks for popping in!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

33rd entry....seen both my babies today...how fabulous is that!!!

My 'little' man on Skype, and my girlie, with her man, stopped off on route to Plymouth... "I NEW SHE WOULD..." I just felt it in my bones! So I am happy, although I await a text to say they have arrived safely....ooh! I do stress so...!
Right - you say - so what happened to the promise of a write up and why did you leave us for a whole day, with out a word...I know and I apologise but what with working, and then well I can't remember what we did...oh! I remember I sorted out the idea for my exhibition piece called 'A Winter's Tale' and have decided to use the words from the film An Affair to Remember 
                  "Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.” 
Anyhow I did the pencil sketches of my chosen memorable memories last night and have completed them today..

Jigsaw series - 'A Winter's Tale'

Jigsaw series - 'A Winter's Tale'
'After-lunch walk in the park..'
These are they! Tomorrow I shall put them into frames ready for the exhibition. 
So there you go...I am doing well!
This is the exhibition leaflet...at Sarum College.

Friday, 26 November 2010

32nd entry....Harry Potter here we come...

Out for the day to see my sis and lovely Dads...then off with my boy to watch Harry Potter - his idea, how fabulous is that!  Was going to do some 'fairies' today but it shall have to wait until tonight. Hope you can wait that long! Only -0c now, so things are hotting up! My lovely son has got snow in Durham - rang me up to tell me...'like Disney snow' he said...I am so envious!!
Don't get too cold, and put your heating on now.  We shall, but later!!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

31st entry...and quite a successful day!

Out at work this morning, stopped at a friends house on the way home, but no reply so left a flower (from her garden I hasten to add - you won't see any in my'n...) and a note. Back here and have spent some of the day most successfully making some of my 'home-mades' for Christmas...they are: 9 presents to be made for each of my family on Christmas day, price to be spent on bits no more that £5 - so no bought presents...!!! did similar 2 years ago, as a Secret Santa, but only one present to be made for one person...it was a fabulous evening - we opened them one by one on Christmas Eve...made the bought presents on Christmas day quite uneventful..
Can't say what I've done - would RUIN the surprises....
Now I am going to knock up a spag bols for my lovely, hard working husband + a cup of tea!
Arn't I just so smashing!!!!!!!!!!
Most probably talk tomorrow...fairies on the way!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

30th entry..Good morning campers! ..Private viewing...today!

Sorry about yesterday...just got mixed up in life...!
Any how, special treats today...the yearly family Christmas card is having a private viewing and here it is!!!!
Jigsaw series - Christmas card
 'Thin ice'

The last couple of years have been quite hard going and so my lovely boy came up with this idea with the caption 'Thin ice'...

I do hope you enjoy it, I am very pleased with it! Next job is to print them off, write and post them before Christmas!!!

Monday, 22 November 2010

29th entry...Good morning people...and it's Monday again...!

Today I shall mostly be going for a walk in the forest for my stones and sticks, and of course it's my Tesco day!
On the agenda art wise...delivering my greetings cards orders and working out my Christmas card design - have changed my idea with input from my lovely boy...Will update you all - ha! ha! - later!!!!

I have just lost all that I have written because the !!!!????** internet went down - some times I do despair!!
anyhow, the evening is upon us, I have achieved all my targets today! I shall now watch Dr Who and sit and sketch up my Christmas card design!

WW2 Stuka Dive Bomber

I have added one of my recent works done with my lovely, lovely pastels...just that I feel that this side of my art is being left behind...and it makes me feel sad!!!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

28th entry...sitting by the fire in the sitting room ...watching results of 'Strictly'

and having had a lovely but VERY late night last night we have sort of pottered through our day! Back to work for some tomorrow!
Mustn't forget to look for stones and wood in the forest tomorrow, for Christmas...
God the woman singing on 'Strictly' needs to be put down her voice is SO horrid to listen to...'
Moment of truth just coming up...hold your breath.............................................oh my God it's Felicity and Vincent...! Now what's on to irritate me next...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

27th entry...what a satisfying day....

Well.. we have completed our table top,and what an exhilarating experience...thank heavens for my lovely next door neighbour!  Had my 'dizzy' head on a bit - always do when the adrenalin flows - and my lovely boy brought 2 Thermos of coffee...how lush he is!!! So - I sold two thirds of my greetings cards and had some lovely comments...what more could I ask!  Have booked a table for next month!
I now sit here at my laptop, watching the original (pt 2) of 'Pride and Prejudice' writing my diary!
I am on my 27th entry, which is quite impressive, and if I wanted to assess the benefit of writing it, it has spurred me on to keep my art work flowing! I feel quite lost if I haven't put 'pen to paper....' In some ways, for me, I enjoy it more than my website...but that has a very different function!
Jigsaw series - 'Winter Lovers...'

Jigsaw series - 'Snowdrops'
These are two watercolour and charcoal, for my Jigsaw series that I promised you...Now do you understand how good this diary is for me...it makes me have to do things that I have promised...such a sad person that I am - or not?! 
Now the day light is nearly gone - if you can call this glum day 'day light' - and we are off to eat out tonight...so I need to spend an inordinately long time to get ready! I bid you adieu...until the morrow!

Friday, 19 November 2010

26th entry...and still going strong!!!

So - forgot that I had the dental hygienist this morning before I bumbled into town to meet my lovely Daddy, so my ideas of getting into my art room did not come to fruition...ooh! I hear you cry...and I was SO excited about your next work...! Ha! Ha!
Must not forget to try out those pastel pencils, especially as I have sorted out my colour pallet ...
So many ideas in my head and I desperately need to get them on to paper - quality watercolour of course...!!!
I do hope that you aren't too disappointed with me...!
SO... ready to rock and roll for tomorrow...bring yourselves to the village hall and buy some of  the best artist in the worlds watercolour and pastel paintings !...you may be quids in in about 100 years - that's when most artists find fame!!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

25th entry...out working this morning...sun is shining!

So today I can now concentrate on printing some cards for my nay our table top on Saturday...first stop, a bite to eat before I fade away...
Had a sausage toastie, milk, cup of coffee, and on to sorting out my cards for the Saturday table top at our local village hall..
I have printed, into cards, and put in cellophane folders 60...yes 60 different prints of my work.  All from my Jigsaw - Bench people - Moments in time....series!!! Now I can move on to my Christmas card design for us lovely Orchards!!!
Art work tomorrow - maybe a couple of Bench people - have a couple of ideas up my sleeve...mean while I am awaiting my lovely, lovely boy -
 menu tonight is:
 scampi (or it will go off) home made chips, with tomatoes coated in fennel, pepper, garlic and a sprinkling of salt - miss my 'home grown' - mushrooms with goats cheese (needs eating) and maybe a glass of white wine, although a phenomenal amount of calories......Bon appetite - until tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

24th entry...wet and warm today...got my Summer clothes on...ha! ha!

So finished yesterdays artwork and here they are...all comments invited...I shall reply later!!!!!

Jigsaw series - We three kings 
Jigsaw series - Christmas Nativity
Here I am again...I am SO cold...I suppose that I can turn the heating on!!!

"I have done it !" -  "Done what I hear you all reply" ha! ha!
I have promised myself for the last year to submit my art to a greetings card company...

One of my lovely friends says that I am running away in fear of rejection - she is SO right!!!
Well...I have done it Lady...whether or not I get any where it is a major step for me, and if I do get rejected I shall submit to others...also I need to look at the illustration companies.  
Any ideas or recommendations anyone - HELLO!!!

Out for a take away curry tonight...Mmm!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

23rd entry...and the day is going well...

Cleaned the kitchen...a bit! Fed those greedy birds...sorted out our next door neighbour, and been in my art room - well wrapped up I add!!!, although the sun is shining in the room! I have continued on my project of yesterday and started a new one - one to work on, one to be drying...get it!
And now I have the kettle on the hob, awaiting the arrival of something big and blue....! Write to myself later!

Monday, 15 November 2010

22nd entry...another hectic day...

...wouldn't it be lovely if life settled down a bit!  I shouldn't moan as there are far worse off than I....
So I have scanned some of my art work and was relatively pleased with the results! The charcoal and colours are much ? brighter, harder.!?!
I have started another 'Jigsaw series' but we shall have to wait until tomorrow for completion. Was called away in the middle of laying my washes - so this could be a learning curve or experience for me...normally I do the wash all in one go thus the blending.  We shall see...!
So - how cold it is - 4.4C and yes we have put our heating on for the second time this Autumn...Ha! Ha! Such stingy people we are....!!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

21st entry....worked all bloomin' day...needs sorting!!!

So I sit here while my boy irons his shirts for the week, and write today's entry!
So many things to sort - table top, Christmas Design, and now Hampshire Artist's...
Getting a bit stressed about it all, but I am sure that it will fall into place!
Now off to watch a bit of television with my boy, until bed, with a lovely fire going to keep the room warm....yes just the one log....!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

20th entry...YEAH! some art work to add...

So here it is; what do you think?...I am quite pleased with it!  Considering that I worked today and made fish cakes for supper...I feel that the girl's done good! - and I feel better for it - a sort of cathartic moment!!!!

Jigsaw series - Girlies on ice

Jigsaw series - Ice skating

I have scanned these and WHAT a difference....can now do it on my laptop!  So next job is to scan all the others...see - problem solved and with no help from any one but me...thanks me!!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

19th entry....today is Friday...

...and I have just finished my sups!
Been into town to buy Christmas presents - so that's sorted..thank God!  Had lunch with my lovely Dads xxx
Brought myself a greetings card holder - will show 'the lady next door...'....for next Saturday!
So, no art work done again today - are you disappointed in me?
Time is so limiting...working this weekend.  This will have only to be temporary...
But this time a year ago my road was long -  now it's that bit shorter - and clearer?!!!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

18th entry...what a blustery day...said Winnie the Pooh!

Nothing to report other than it is dark, the day is over and actually as no one is reading this, I can honestly say that  I feel quite low in spirits...I have just admitted to a good friend that I am becoming more and more of a recluse and that worries me...I find it so hard to talk to people these days...think that I shall find some deserted island...ooooh! poor little me!!!!!
Tomorrow is another day! Where to go with my art... let me have sups and sit down with a notebook and pencil...my nooni!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

17th entry...and what a splendid day weather wise...!

So having hopefully finished work, I can now focus on my life....
1 - card for a friend...
2 - Table top ...
3 - Christmas card design..
The rest will have to wait..though I have sorted out my pastel pencils to have a bash at using on small compositions..and I want a go now!!!
BUT I shall crack on with my list...love lists - the essence of my life and keeps me on track....!

Jigsaw series - 'Mr Snowman...'

Jigsaw series - Nuthatch

So this is today...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

16th entry....sooooooooooooo cold and rainy today!!!

Been out at work for a lot of the day and now the light is fading...AND my art room is cold!
So these two sad entries of art work are all I have...however I have been thinking through my strategies of work, and this is what I have come up with - pastels, use the same colours, in crayons though not sticks... that I use for my watercolour pallet and ONLY about ten....very little blending, and use the same composition that I will use for my watercolours...see how this works!
Also - have been thinking through my 'jigsaw series' structure and shall try developing it to suit more compositions! - straight washed as well as blended... you get my jist...!

Jigsaw series - 'Christmas tree'

Jigsaw series - 'Rabbits'

Monday, 8 November 2010

15th edition....such a lovely sunny day today!

This is today's attempt...moving towards Christmas.
Wish I could sort out the back ground darkness of my photos...

Jigsaw series - 'Holly and berries'

Saturday, 6 November 2010

14th entry...no art today...again...

but I've had a lovely day.  Felt more like a Sunday though! Had my girlie and her man here - really magic!!!
Sorted out the cars - did like that blue one lots - never mind! Made my cheese cake for tomorrow. Big family bash... Look forward to seeing them, as it is AGES since I saw them....
Meanwhile, one broken nose later - not me - the rugby player of the family!  Stupid boy!!!!!! Bit of TLC and food, food, food!

Friday, 5 November 2010

13th entry...Happy Birthday my lovely Dads xxxxxxxx...

So ...I have had a very busy day, ending with us sitting down to a spag bol followed by baked apple with ice cream!
Cars,cars,,cars have been the major feature today...some to love and some to love and lose, but hey I believe in fate...those lovely mechanics at the garage - no names no pack drill - I thank you!
So not much art done - well none actually! Need to do my Christmas card design tomorrow...all geared up for it.  Meanwhile I bid you good night, and I hope that your day was good Dads x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

12th entry....Christmas is coming...BLAST!!!!!!

....so spending most of my day trying to decide what to get people...!
My boy is coming home to faggots and mashed ....yum!

Jigsaw series - Kingfisher on a rock...

Jigsaw series - 'Mr Piggy'

These I have achieved today.  The pig is Dads birthday card....so what shall he say? "Good effort girl.." or " I preferred the cockerel girl...." or no comment at all.  I suspect that it will be the last one!
I have just spent the last  hour talking to my lovely son...how magic is that....xxxxxxx
Now I need to make sups and close up for the night...and the alarm has just gone off on my phone to remind me that it's rubbish night tonight!  We have had rubbish day on a Monday for 20 years so why do they need to change it...hear from me tomorrow!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

11th entry....have been out working hard all day....feel so sad.....!

 This is  the work that I did yesterday. Feel sad today...the weather is dreary at only 3.30pm - here we go into the dark evenings again.  Autumn is so very pretty this year, with the countryside abounding with colour, but by now I feel like just closing the curtains and snuggling in awaiting my lovely boy!

Jigsaw series - Autumn tree

Jigsaw series - Little coal-tit 
Jigsaw series - Mr piggy...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

10th entry.....worked this am...

...now I can focus on my art!  Gosh I am so hungry, but have promised not to eat until 1pm....other wise the pounds will start collecting around my waist and then where should I be!!
Jigsaw series - 'Deer in the grass...'

Jigsaw series - 'Sheep in a field..'
The bench people - 'waiting...'

These are what I did yesterday!
As I said, I need to look into my approach into the colours that I am using and how I 'lay them' onto the paper...
So I have some books out and am going to study them and then go and do some 'dabbling' in
my art room!!!!
But first SOME FOOD....!

Monday, 1 November 2010

9th entry...and nights are drawing in....!!!

So Monday and my Tesco shop day... Did some art this am but feeling at a loss on my colours...
I think that I am trying too hard, also mixing the colours which makes them dirty!  How to solve this... well I intend to study some of my work and see how I achieved a fresher result...also I think maybe layering the individual colours more - let's see!
So I have a person out there reading my logs...''Helloo Lucian...! Have you left any comments on my work, I do value your opinion...
I shall photo and put today's work on here tomorrow!

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