Thursday, 27 January 2011

73rd entry...

 A busy day...sorted my 'Art Together' class for Tuesdays - starting 1st February 10 - 12pm.
Another 'Chinese Whisper' for the Sarum Artist group to replocate....

The first painting is the original - Picasso - Portrait au bonnet blanc; the second is by Moira and her interpretation.  the third is my rendition of Moira's.  I then found Picasso's original work to see how differently I had done mine! I have made the face older looking...
So that is my 'Chinese Whisper's' done...Tomorrow I shall sort my brain out a bit"
Go down to the HVHall and see the room I will be having my classes in!
AND we had snow this afternoon....

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

72nd entry...

Today I went for a walk in the Forest with a lovely friend. Result being that - other than it was a lovely day and good company - a time ultimatum was set at me to find out about a venue for me to give art classes once a week...4'o clock phone back, to see what I had achieved!
By the end of the day I had set my venue, H.V.Hall Tuesday 10 - 12pm called  'Art Together....'
any one with interested can come....I have 400 flyers ready to go into the local Parish Magazine tomorrow...
Here's hoping; with more ideas in store from my lovely friend who did phone back - at 3.30pm - and was a little taken back with the speed they are to start, but hey! Aren't people magic!

Monday, 24 January 2011

71st entry...

Getting a few responses from my submitted artwork to Greetings card companies!  So far, although all 'no', they are exceedingly kind in either offering other sites to look at or just a nice comment on my work! (and I have more to come...)
Interestingly, I don;t feel rejected - it make me want to put my work out more....This is good, as a year ago one rejection would have made me feel awful! That is a positive in my life...
So onwards and upwards to the future....!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

70th entry!

A lovely relaxing day - a walk with my dear friend, then out in the garden for my boy and me...jobs! Very rewarding...
Now we are together in the kitchen one ironing, one on the laptop...all peaceful and quiet....

Saturday, 22 January 2011

69th entry!

I have eventually completed the acrylic with pastel that I promised to do - weeks ago!
What do you think?
Girlie in the Forest...2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

68th entry...

and life goes on...was intending to do some acrylic painting with old 'blobs' that I had left....how ever alas alack too hard! So I did an artistic supper instead while watching 'The Pianist' - all about the Jews and how horrendously they were treated in the war by the Nazis! Everybody should see it - it keeps us awake to what happened...puts our lives into perspective! What awful times...am reading a factual book on the D-Day landing in 1944.  It's called 'MONTY'S IRONSIDES'-  from the Normandy beaches to Bremen with the 3rd Division.
Fabulously interesting book...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

67th entry...

I am getting some supportive responses back from the submitting artwork - emails!
People are very nice on average....giving me areas to look at if they can't help!
So I am on the move in my; Greetings card area, Receiving the book on illustration artist, Communicated dates for HAC, Looking at aspects of work and found a site that I might put my work on! Keeping focused is hard, as in sometimes I feel like I am in a briar patch or a fog!....There are so many areas I could get into with my art - I need to stay focused!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

66th entry...

Bit of a 'blue' day all in all....haven't achieved anything really!  Just fiddling on the laptop!
MOT tomorrow on my 'little man's' car ....waiting for the heating to come on...brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Art - not really motivated today, don't often get that! Need to sort out an idea for a painting to push me on...

Monday, 17 January 2011

65th entry...my guys have gone...

so now to focus on my life in the art world!
To day I have mostly been sorting out my application for submitting my work to HAC
All these things take longer than you think to get together....
Chinese Whispers for Sarum Artists
Next port of call is to submit my work for greetings cards...

Friday, 14 January 2011

64th entry...

I have my table top at the local village hall tomorrow, so have spent most of my time today printing and sorting for it!
The Glasgow Exhibition at the RA looks good - next door neighbour went today.  She will tell me how good!
If it is Dads and I will go...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

63rd entry...and my shoulders ache from being on the laptop too long!!!

Work this morning..back and forward...back and forward...what a daft way to organise it!!! I shake my head!
All cosy cosy again - listening to some 'smashing' music on my 'little man's'  laptop...
It is amazing how I can just switch my brain out....oooh! this one on is awful...I shall have to say something!

So here we go again...Apologies for the repetition!

Once upon a time, in a big Forest lived some lovely, lovely people...It was the middle of a cold, cold, winter and the only place in the whole of the land that had had only two days of snow...They lived in a cosy, cosy bungalow - but not I am afraid to say - made of ginger bread!  Friends of theirs had THAT house...

Bungalow in the big, big Forest.
The Mummy and the Daddy lived there all alone...with their cat - of course! Every one has a cat, or so it seems!
The boy and the girl that lived with them went away on a 'journey of life' but were coming home very soon - however that is another story...
Well on this day it was a cold, murky day and the lady we shall call Mummy, I think, decided to go out in the big Forest for a walk, to blow the cobwebs away - not REAL cobwebs mind - a fuzzy brain sort of cobweb! She put on her big walking boots - no puddle slashing today for her - so boots, for the crunchy hard ground!  Her thick, cosy very, very, VERY old green coat was on and a cap. It was rather a splendid cap with a big peak and furry bit - it actually wasn't hers it was her lovely son's, the one on a 'journey of life'!!  All togged up, and her sketch bag and camera, off she went ..into that very big Forest....
....to be continued....

Why am I doing this...?
It is solely for my benefit - to see if I can do the illustrations  to a book; I therefore thought that if I wrote my own little story I would find out whether I enjoyed it! I could get it printed in one of those little book that they advertise on the internet - if I like it that much or feel ambitious. The choice is mine, mine, mine...ha! ha!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

62nd entry...good day all round!

Worked this am, and home to my 'boys' ...We all did our different things together - it was bliss...!
Little man goes home on Sunday - sigh!!! I have enjoyed his company SO much!!! All together though this weekend - my girlie is home too!!! Magic!
This is the result of a card I did for our lovely, lovely friend in the forest..My boy went to school with him...
Jigsaw series -  'lunch at The Farm...memories to cherish!'
We have this for our lunch and it is grand...with loads of wine, splendid conversation, and fabulous company - what more can you ask for! They are truly lovely people...
Now on to a NEW edition of 'Midsummer Murders'....
Talk tomorrow!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

61st entry....ooooh!

...feel a little bit tipsy! Poured myself a G&T but it wasn't as small as I thought it would be...yeah! yeah! I don't have one very often - maybe that's why I found it so strong!!
How are you on the old will-power, My lovely little man and I agreed that ours is s"*!*t...ate the remainders of my lovely crisps; was only allowing myself to eat half of the remaining packet...but....Oh! dear...!
Day done: suits cleaned and collected from Morrisons - suede jacket only £30 to clean - jolly good price I'll have you know! - tabs ordered, trousers reduced in size, ironing mostly completed and hoovering done....and what have you done with your day....Mmm!
Now on to the renowned 'supper'- all left overs - lucky hubbie I hear you cry.....
THEN part 2 of 'Silent Witness'!
What an exciting life I lead ..... I know, I know - but I enjoy it!
Have had absolutely MAGICAL times with my little man.  Due to returns to Uni.soon!
On to tomorrow - hair to be done....

Monday, 10 January 2011

60th entry...yeah!!!

Went to Salisbury to see my art group and had a lovely day!!! Walked around the Cathedral and water meadows...I did one quick - and I mean quick - watercolour wash, brought it home and did my jigsaw bit...The others took lots of photos as did I too!
Jigsaw series - Salisbury Cathedral in a jiffy!
So I achieved what I set out to achieve - just...and I have a few lovely photos, with ideas floating around in my mind; plus the acrylic I have to do...might try putting Titian white pastel on the top layer - see how effective that is for my atmosphere! Then I have to write the January edition of my 'All seasons' story ( just decided to do it monthly; I want to have all the 'Forest' seasons included, plus flowers - I love my wild flowers...) If only I had more time...Rome wasn't built in a day I know, I know~!!!!
Yes! Yes! supper calls - sigh! A woman's work is never done....
See ya!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

59th entry...apologies for not writing!

Yesterday I did not feel very well, and today am occupied with my 'little man' being in casualty having been hit on his forehead with a hockey ball...blood everywhere!!!!!!!!
Awaiting a call to go and pick them up!
Tomorrow...sketching with Constable - past and present!!!
Will talk more, and HOPEFULLY have some artwork to show!!!

Friday, 7 January 2011

58th entry...shop shop shop...

with my son and then met Dads with a long enjoyable lunch at ASK....looking at old photos!
Have found x2 pairs of high waisted, stretch, long legged, black, drain pipe trousers - from M&S!! I have been wanting trousers for moons and wasted my money buying cheap ones from Matalan years ago - plus I lost weigh and they don't fit around the waist! Anyhow, I am so chuffed...I hate trying on clothes!
About to sit down now and watch the second and concluding part of the WWW2 real life drama...can't remember what it is called!
Work first thing tomorrow, then if I don't feel shattered I shall try some acrylics...watch this space!
Next week I shall restart my story - 'cos I want to....
See ya!!!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

57th entry...what a journey...what a ride...

Drive, drive drive to Coombe Bissett - Stratford Toney - Bishopstone - Broad Chalke  - Bower Chalke up around, back, forward, through, back ....but I know it so well and that is good...!!!
Arrived back home and was quite tired, but I have had a lovely day with my munchies....only draw back is rubbish roast for supper as I promised it to my 'little man'..aaaah!!!!! I really dislike roasts, they are SO boring especially pork!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh!
Yarooh! my 'The Artist' arrived today...so a bit of quality reading tonight, then part 6 of 'Pacific'
Spent yesterday looking at some Forest Artists; I have been promising to do it for ages:  Frederick Golden Short,; Allen Seaby; Lucy Kemp-Welch; are a few that I shall look back at - their work!
Do I try and do some oils/Acrylics, or do I stick to my lovely watercolours and pastels...oh! what a dilemma. I should feel so disloyal to the latter!
I am so hungry...off into 'Town' tomorrow to meet my lovely Dads xxx
Having talked to my lovely boy it has been ?agreed? - meaning if I still feel inclined I shall do it - to do an acrylic painting, to get it out of my system...
I hope that I hate it...then I can focus..what it is to be such an emotional being....
Anyone for the Manderin Chef?
Signing out until the morro'
do look at my website as more is in the card/illustration section
Thank you...all this is going to make me famous!!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

56th entry...such a dour day!!!

I have done a little art but mostly today I have been working on the laptop - again...but it is hopefully good and beneficial!

Christmas time at the pub...2010
Now I shall leave you and start some food...gosh! my shoulders ache!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

55th entry...and welcome back one and all..life is back to normal again!

I have used the day in a very productive manner...and actually am quite proud of myself..although my left hand  second finger is very sore!!!
I have sent emails to about 10 people re: my art work. Have found a MAGIC site on my 'tasks' google chrome, called 'Remember the milk' it's like a list, but better...anyhow all my info on today's work is listed there, and I love it - at the moment, until it goes wrong!!!!
I am watching Dr Martin - out of the corner of my eye of course - and can hear the seagulls....Oh how I yearn for the Cornish breeze and the rock pools; with my sketch book and watercolours in my artist bum bag....
such an evocative sound!
Now to supper of home-made pizza 'Powell style...'
Gosh! am I chilli  3.7C and I feel colder than when it was minus numbers.

So! no actual artwork done, but a step to the future...and that can't be bad - can it!

Monday, 3 January 2011

54th entry...all done!

Christmas decorations are down, and I have my art room back!
So tomorrow after work, I have structured where I am going and what I am doing on a daily basis.
More tomorrow, and I need to do my story...all this for me!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

53rd entry...it is getting darker later...have you noticed!!!

As promised  (to my self)  I have started up my diary, now that the Christmas and New Year festive are at an end. I have done my first little sketch 'jigsaw' for 2011 of our day out yesterday at the hockey pitch.  It was a lovely time with people desperate for a game of hockey that had not played since before Christmas!
I have assessed where I shall move to in my art, and once I get my art room back, tomorrow afternoon, will feel more settled to working...if you get my gist...
So this is why I am writing my diary - to get me to do something, at least on a regular basis - and it is working!!!!!
My boys at play - 1st January 2011

I do hope you enjoy this one...it is really my 'moment in time' and 'jigsaw' series all in one...it is the first day of a new year in watercolour and charcoal for me...and I am so happy1  I love, love, love my art SO much...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

52nd entry...AND THE ARTIST IS BACK...!!!

We stand, after a tough climb, weary on the top of the mountain looking out at the view of 2011 in hope of a bright new future.....let us move forward and grab the opportunities with both hands....
...the artist is back.....

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