Thursday, 6 January 2011

57th entry...what a journey...what a ride...

Drive, drive drive to Coombe Bissett - Stratford Toney - Bishopstone - Broad Chalke  - Bower Chalke up around, back, forward, through, back ....but I know it so well and that is good...!!!
Arrived back home and was quite tired, but I have had a lovely day with my munchies....only draw back is rubbish roast for supper as I promised it to my 'little man'..aaaah!!!!! I really dislike roasts, they are SO boring especially pork!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh!
Yarooh! my 'The Artist' arrived today...so a bit of quality reading tonight, then part 6 of 'Pacific'
Spent yesterday looking at some Forest Artists; I have been promising to do it for ages:  Frederick Golden Short,; Allen Seaby; Lucy Kemp-Welch; are a few that I shall look back at - their work!
Do I try and do some oils/Acrylics, or do I stick to my lovely watercolours and pastels...oh! what a dilemma. I should feel so disloyal to the latter!
I am so hungry...off into 'Town' tomorrow to meet my lovely Dads xxx
Having talked to my lovely boy it has been ?agreed? - meaning if I still feel inclined I shall do it - to do an acrylic painting, to get it out of my system...
I hope that I hate it...then I can focus..what it is to be such an emotional being....
Anyone for the Manderin Chef?
Signing out until the morro'
do look at my website as more is in the card/illustration section
Thank you...all this is going to make me famous!!!

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