Thursday, 13 January 2011

63rd entry...and my shoulders ache from being on the laptop too long!!!

Work this morning..back and forward...back and forward...what a daft way to organise it!!! I shake my head!
All cosy cosy again - listening to some 'smashing' music on my 'little man's'  laptop...
It is amazing how I can just switch my brain out....oooh! this one on is awful...I shall have to say something!

So here we go again...Apologies for the repetition!

Once upon a time, in a big Forest lived some lovely, lovely people...It was the middle of a cold, cold, winter and the only place in the whole of the land that had had only two days of snow...They lived in a cosy, cosy bungalow - but not I am afraid to say - made of ginger bread!  Friends of theirs had THAT house...

Bungalow in the big, big Forest.
The Mummy and the Daddy lived there all alone...with their cat - of course! Every one has a cat, or so it seems!
The boy and the girl that lived with them went away on a 'journey of life' but were coming home very soon - however that is another story...
Well on this day it was a cold, murky day and the lady we shall call Mummy, I think, decided to go out in the big Forest for a walk, to blow the cobwebs away - not REAL cobwebs mind - a fuzzy brain sort of cobweb! She put on her big walking boots - no puddle slashing today for her - so boots, for the crunchy hard ground!  Her thick, cosy very, very, VERY old green coat was on and a cap. It was rather a splendid cap with a big peak and furry bit - it actually wasn't hers it was her lovely son's, the one on a 'journey of life'!!  All togged up, and her sketch bag and camera, off she went ..into that very big Forest....
....to be continued....

Why am I doing this...?
It is solely for my benefit - to see if I can do the illustrations  to a book; I therefore thought that if I wrote my own little story I would find out whether I enjoyed it! I could get it printed in one of those little book that they advertise on the internet - if I like it that much or feel ambitious. The choice is mine, mine, mine...ha! ha!

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