Monday, 10 January 2011

60th entry...yeah!!!

Went to Salisbury to see my art group and had a lovely day!!! Walked around the Cathedral and water meadows...I did one quick - and I mean quick - watercolour wash, brought it home and did my jigsaw bit...The others took lots of photos as did I too!
Jigsaw series - Salisbury Cathedral in a jiffy!
So I achieved what I set out to achieve - just...and I have a few lovely photos, with ideas floating around in my mind; plus the acrylic I have to do...might try putting Titian white pastel on the top layer - see how effective that is for my atmosphere! Then I have to write the January edition of my 'All seasons' story ( just decided to do it monthly; I want to have all the 'Forest' seasons included, plus flowers - I love my wild flowers...) If only I had more time...Rome wasn't built in a day I know, I know~!!!!
Yes! Yes! supper calls - sigh! A woman's work is never done....
See ya!

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