Monday, 11 April 2011

93rd entry....April wild flower

Jigsaw series - Primrose in April 2011
The primrose - one of my favourite wild flowers as it holds some very special memories for me...
When the first primrose starts to bloom, in March, they herald the arrival of Spring and warmer days to come!
Primulais two Latin words meaning 'first rose'
The primrose produces two kinds of flowers.  The pollen is transferred from one to the other but few insects are around when they bloom, so are often not pollinated! - in 'The Winter's Tale' Shakespeare wrote of  the "pale primrose that die unmarried"
Flowers of the primrose, in the middle ages, were also employed in the preparation of love potions!

So there you have my flower painting and choice for the month of April.  There are many others, all  fill our world with a joy unheralded...what a beautiful feeling to walk or drive down our local country lane and see the beauty of an English hedgerow, with the abundance of wild flowers...there is no better tonic!!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

92nd entry...

Well Spring is here good and proper as I sit in the kitchen with the sun shining through the window...the ponies are collecting outside eating the greenery around our fence!
I have completed 3 cards and a present but am unable to put them on my diary until they have seen them!
so - watch this space.....

Next stop - the attic!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

91st entry....

'Art-together' class today...and every one did fabulously well! Each had the same photo and used watercolours or acrylics - the difference in the results is amazing.  One very true to watercolour, one very vibrant and impressionistic, one very detailed and one simplified to give a good depth to the painting! It is so lovely to see such varied styles...
And now I wait to cook supper for my boy as he has been working very hard!
Have been on the laptop today, rather than doing art...and still waiting to read my fab (70's expression) book that I mentioned yesterday about 'wet-on-wet'.............
SO much to do in life and not enough hours in my day - time goes by so fast....structure your day and tick it off! That helps!

Monday, 4 April 2011

90th entry...Humble apologies!!!!

....for being so lax at writing my diary! I promise to try harder!
So up to date, I have been at home with the family which precludes me from going on my laptop.  'Why?' you ask...well I tend to do more washing/cooking/tidying etc.  Not that I mind but I lose track of where I am in life...then the stress comes!
With regards to my artwork, I have just bought a fabulous book from Amazon.. 'Wet-on-wet watercolour painting' by Ewa Karpinska.  It is fabulously laid out with beautiful paintings to study...
Here is my last commission was for a lovely lady ...
For a lovely paramedic - March 2011
She was very pleased with it!
I have more to show but they are to be seen by the 'birthday' people first or that should not be fair - nes pas!
So thank you for putting up with my negligence and I promise to try and do more, but have patience as it is school hols...us mums understand!

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