Tuesday, 26 July 2011

116th entry...

I have concluded the work for the exhibition ...found the title hard to get to grips with!
'Music of the Spheres' which has a lovely feel to it but does nothing for my artistic side...

'Music of the Spheres' 2011

I used on the watercolour quite a lot of the colour indigo, which I use regularly but not in such quantities.  It left small 'bits' or residue on the paper giving a grainy effect...which can be beneficial or if used too much can give the painting a slightly dirty look to it.  I have known about this effect but it is the first time it has shown quite so dramatically on my work  - but a good and interesting lesson to have experienced is it not...
So my next project must be Chapter 1 of 'THE BOOK'....my watercolours are evolving; I am understanding them more and more which is so exciting!

Monday, 25 July 2011

115th entry...

My lovely mother died six years ago today, so I shall go to the cathedral and light a candle and leave a prayer ....to say I miss her and love her and thank her for making me who I am....

She would be pleased to see how my art is developing and it is to her that I have promised to make something of it...xxx

Friday, 22 July 2011

114th entry...

...watching a fantastic climb in the Tour.... - last day in the Alps - awesome!!!!!!
Jigsaw series - Lace cap hydrangea 2011
I did this is my art class that I run; 'Art together 2'- feeling in the mood to join in!
Watercolour and pen; achieved with my fabulous centimetre wide sable flat brush.  Found it in my pot of brushes with a .5 centimetre and inch brush. 
If you know what it is like to use a flat brush in oils or acrylics, then this is a similar experience but in watercolour...such fabulous marks can be made! - actually more versatile than my classic brushes.
A new experience; magic!!!!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

113rd entry...

So here is my July 2011 wild flower - the humble foxglove!
The name is thought to have been from a series of corruptions in spelling and pronunciation.
Glove from the Anglo-Saxon gliew- a musical instrument with many small bells, and fox could be a corruption of 'folk's' meaning the 'little folk', or fairies. In Somerset and Ireland they are called 'fairy bells', thus supporting this theory!
Reader's Digest

They are very poisonous yet yields the drug digitalis which is used in small doses in the treatment of heart complaints.
Jigsaw series - 'Foxglove'  2011

If any of you have had the privilege to read the childhood stories by Beatrix Potter, you will know of  ' The Tale of  Jemima Puddle-Duck' and the 'foxy gentleman' story....and this, when I see foxgloves,  ALWAYS makes me think of this tale....

Friday, 15 July 2011

112th entry... I AM SUCH A PROUD MOTHER....

My girlie has passed her degree with a 2-2; Is now qualified as an ECP; Is a registered paramedic and has a job....how bloomin' magic is she!!!! xxxxx

Jigsaw series - Picnic on Hatchet Green 2011

Jigsaw series - Cricket on the green...2011
I have completed these today...and am quite pleased with them!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

111th entry..back on track...

Apologies to all for the negativeness  recently; is it an artist's prerogative to be emotional? I don't know however I  am on the road to success again and riding high...
Ooooh! have just realised that I haven't put my July flower in - how remiss of me - watch this space....
Below is a watercolour I did moons ago depicting a truly English scene - cricket on the village green...
Cricket on Hatchet Green - 2010
This is relevant to our book that my neighbour is writing and I am illustrating! It is about the New Forest and starts in the northern corner of the forest; our locality, and shows the peaceful scene of cricket in an English village on a Sunday afternoon in the summer...remember about the tortoise and the hare; we slowly shall get there!!!!

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