Friday, 25 November 2011

158th entry....completed acrylics...

one more to come...
Lilly 1 - 2011

Lilly 2 - 2011
These are the finished acrylic paintings for the Sarum College Exhibition - only one though!
One more to try but later - need to stop now!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

157th entry...Today we had a frost..

had to scrape my wind screen!

This could be for the next exhibition...'A Flawed Pearl'

A vase full of Lillies - 2011
 Sarum College Salisbury after Christmas.
It is painted in Acrylics for a change and I have enjoy using a different medium........... however watercolours - I feel - are far more exciting and challenging !!!
I am working on a second painting that is nearly completed - just need the light to improve, which means tomorrow!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

156th entry...

I have to share with you - the love of my art room...I now have electricity IN the room; so I sit here tapping on my laptop with a little desk light on the table - it is so fantastic!!!!
My 'Christmas is coming'...one of my Christmas designs is doing well on comments on a different site...so refreshing! One person said how it made her feel all festive! That's the spirit.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

155th entry

I have just put my "Christmas Edition " of Jigsaw Designs in my slide show on my home page website...click on the link and have a look!!!
Jigsaw Design - A Graduation...2011
this is a card I did in watercolour and pen for my girlie's boyfriend. It was the second attempt as the first was very 'tight'...and therefore lost its freshness! I am pleased with the result as I have done a couple that have not been acceptable to me - drawing more, is most certainly the key...

Monday, 14 November 2011

154th entry...

A long time since I have written my diary...but here we are and the first two of my Christmas Edition 2011 are included!
Christmas Editions (1) - 2011

Christmas Editions - 2011
I have made these local to my area ...it gives it a more personal feel!
Gentle watercolours with a pen over the top...

Friday, 4 November 2011

153rd entry...

It is raining so hard here....even the water butts are full..
I have completed my final stage of my Jigsaw Design

Jigsaw Design - Final stage 2011
Am I happy with it?
I feel that it is quite dark, and I have worked hard on it losing the fresh lose approach that I can achieve....but it does have a misty aura about it and a feeling about it.  I have got the atmosphere that I was looking for, so I am happy with that!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

152nd entry...rainy, rainy evening!

I continue with  the next development of my watercolour.

2nd wash - 2011
I have put a darker wash on, and pulled colour out. This is to give the foreground more strength and the painting more depth...and I have captured the misty effect that comes in the early mornings !...
I need to add a little darker to the horizon; emphasising the mist more...but all in all 'good effort girl' as Dad would say!
Next will be the final marks with a brush - and then charcoal...I hope that I haven't made it too dark for that, that is my only worry - but lessons are being learnt!

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