Saturday, 20 November 2010

27th entry...what a satisfying day....

Well.. we have completed our table top,and what an exhilarating experience...thank heavens for my lovely next door neighbour!  Had my 'dizzy' head on a bit - always do when the adrenalin flows - and my lovely boy brought 2 Thermos of coffee...how lush he is!!! So - I sold two thirds of my greetings cards and had some lovely comments...what more could I ask!  Have booked a table for next month!
I now sit here at my laptop, watching the original (pt 2) of 'Pride and Prejudice' writing my diary!
I am on my 27th entry, which is quite impressive, and if I wanted to assess the benefit of writing it, it has spurred me on to keep my art work flowing! I feel quite lost if I haven't put 'pen to paper....' In some ways, for me, I enjoy it more than my website...but that has a very different function!
Jigsaw series - 'Winter Lovers...'

Jigsaw series - 'Snowdrops'
These are two watercolour and charcoal, for my Jigsaw series that I promised you...Now do you understand how good this diary is for me...it makes me have to do things that I have promised...such a sad person that I am - or not?! 
Now the day light is nearly gone - if you can call this glum day 'day light' - and we are off to eat out tonight...so I need to spend an inordinately long time to get ready! I bid you adieu...until the morrow!

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