Monday, 22 November 2010

29th entry...Good morning people...and it's Monday again...!

Today I shall mostly be going for a walk in the forest for my stones and sticks, and of course it's my Tesco day!
On the agenda art wise...delivering my greetings cards orders and working out my Christmas card design - have changed my idea with input from my lovely boy...Will update you all - ha! ha! - later!!!!

I have just lost all that I have written because the !!!!????** internet went down - some times I do despair!!
anyhow, the evening is upon us, I have achieved all my targets today! I shall now watch Dr Who and sit and sketch up my Christmas card design!

WW2 Stuka Dive Bomber

I have added one of my recent works done with my lovely, lovely pastels...just that I feel that this side of my art is being left behind...and it makes me feel sad!!!

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