Friday, 17 June 2011

106th entry...

Not my best week - on antibiotics x 2 then a bug knocked me out for two day... so 'back on the road again' as the song says!
Trying to improve my skills with my watercolours...more theory read than actual practice done - typical me, but it is very very useful!   Hazel Soan is fabulous at watercolours and her new book 'The essence of Watercolour' is an absolute dream of a book~!!!!
So I am plodding on - remembering that it was only this time last year that I was working at 'School' ugh!!!!! from Mon - Thurs and that only one year on I have two art classes up and running (all be it that I have very few people!) a monthly stall selling my art (cards) I have had a commission for pets which is to be advertised in the local journal to get more response. I have had a submission of my work accepted for cards - am on going though slow, still VERY keen on doing a book with my next door neighbour something like 'A week in the Forest' and we have started the ball rolling...and there are two exhibitions coming up - one at Langford Lakes and the other at the Salisbury library!!!!
So I am getting there - where ever that may be - recognition!!!!
It just is not a 'running job' more of a walking on ice where you step forwards then slip back abit then forwards etc...get my gist!!!!
So there we have it - life is a twisting road and that is what make it what it is.....

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