Sunday, 17 February 2019

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A dull February day...thought I would be really good and add my few paintings.

Cards... so far this month...

 My gorgeous daughter has turned 30 years of age. I'm not sure if I am sad about it, as it shows the speed of life but I can most surely say that, in that time, I have never been more proud of what both my children have achieved as people. They are a credit to both my lovely husband and me.

My lovely son proposed to a fabulous girl on Christmas day! A surprise ... yes I suppose so but we have always thought her part of the family.  

A valentine for my best friend and beautiful husband. Yes we niggle but after nearly 40 years together... I adore his company! Very special times. 

A card for a good friend - don't quite think I caught the likeness ...blast!

This, below, is my latest attempts in watercolour and charcoal or pen. I have explained better on my newer website.
'painting update'
Do have a look...
 Taking the dog for a walk. 2019

 Sitting - 2019

 Fast and Easy.. 2019

Huffy - 2019

Incomplete - 2019

Did I say that I use Daniel Smiths watercolour tubes squished into my beautiful 'Little Brass Box' palette. It has caused me grief as I love the paints SO much I tend not to feel it was easy to add pen or charcoal...but I want to!
I am on some sort of journey and I have to just follow the road ahead.
I shall get there..I can feel it...

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