Tuesday, 28 June 2011

108th entry....

Just thought that you all should know that I am back on track....
A little blip with getting too involved in an artist - who does fantastic watercolours don't get me wrong - and, I think, trying to copy her style rather than recognise that we all have our own way of painting and should - and I have - just use her techniques to develop my style....
I wrote earlier " Stick to who you are - use other people's style to integrate with your own...
Do lots of quick people in ?watercolour and pen? or ?pencil sketch watercolour and pen?
Utilise the fact that you enjoy and do well the drawing aspect of your work...and work on being free with the paint with the pen/charcoal to define the picture"
Does this make sense?

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blogoftreez said...

Just chanced upon ur blog when i was 'googling' for some pics :) i love your drawings.. thay are nice....will take time out to read your blog ...keep writing :)

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